Monday, July 19, 2010

Mon, Jul 19, 2010 at 10:35 AM

Ok man I am so so so sorry I don´t have a lot of time because I was so wrapped up in you guys and your pictures. Man I can not wait until to can see the video clips!! haha Everyone is looking good, but I do have some thing to say first Johnny your hand looked Nasty! BE CAREFUL! and ya now I am scared to touch puppies....ewwww. And I noticed Drew had a ear ring.....mmm. If he wants me to send him some ear rings, I can, hehe. No really there are lots of pretty cool ones here. haha

Dad I hope your trip (to Havasupai) is so so super awesome! Like I said before super jealous, I need to go climb something now.....haha. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

Remember that you each one of you are a special son and daughter of our Heavenly Father and he is waiting for each one of us to return with honor!! So yes it is getting so close to transfers and I believe that it is my turn to have some new stuff in my life. But I am loving it here.

Mom and Dad you don´t have to worry about any weird sicknesses with me. I am healthy, a little itchy at times with the little evil mosquito bites but no I am good.

So a spiritual experience, yes. Everyday is a adventure but man I love sharing the Gospel. I know that I am learning so much but just thinking back when I thought I knew a lot. Really, I can express the happiness I have to be a part of such a great family that has always raised me with the correct principals. I just want this for everyone and my family too!

We are pretty popular with the kids. We have sung lots of Happy Birthdays here lately!

Dad Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

Love Hermana Ochs

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