Monday, November 15, 2010

Mon, Nov 15, 2010 at 8:33 AM

OK wow so this week was fun!

SO, we did go to Albrook (a local Mall) finally. We went there during a festival day so there was lots of people and guess what? There was a Band! A marching band! I was in awe watching them. They were very good and they played all kinds of music from here and normal football game cadences!! Hermana Ramirez and me were sooooo excited and looked little kids running after them and taking pictures!!!! haha. But ya, I had to hold myself back alot. There were all kinds of storessssss......but I only bought a watch, printed out photos, and window shopped. Ooooo but I did splurge on the sweets!!! They had all kinds of ice creams!!! Like Banana Crunch!!!!!!!! Super Rico! And of course I got a coco popsicle! But the Band was the most awesome part.

SO this week we have been finding new investigators. Ooo we have a new friend whose nickname is rock face or cara de piedras, hahaha. He is a old retired cop and acts all tough but I know he has a soft spot for us cause he is always at the house waiting for us when we come. I hope all will go well and we can change his hard face to smiles and joy. He was a reference from his wife who took the lessons before but couldn´t get baptized because he said no. Please pray for us and his heart to soften. If you have any advice we would love it.

The time is changing here too. Ya I want to sleep with the fan because I am used to it and it is soothing to me but it is getting cold and I keep waking up in the middle of the night with cold feet, haha. But yes it is getting all Christmas time here and I have been thinking a lot in you guys. I love you, Love you, Love you!

Everyone here are treating us very well and sharing sooo much with us. The husband at one of the homes that has us over for dinners is always having us try new things like roasted cashews, Coco water, sugar cane, lemonade. We can really feel the love they have for us and can tell through their enthusiasm to share with us. Hahah, That same family has a little chubby baby boy who is a really good dancer too. He can dance "the Jerk", hahaha. It is really funny.

But yes I am trying very hard to work with the spirit!!!!! I love you guys and I am always praying for you!

Oooo I was thinking that maybe for Christmas we can have a three way talk with Johnny or I can ask permission to call my bro in Nicaragua. Elder Ochs What do you think? It´s an idea.

Lots of Love

Hermana Ochs

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