Monday, November 22, 2010

Mon, Nov 22, 2010 at 8:44 AM

So we are going to have a big Christmas party in the Mission. The Mission Office is having us send in pictures for something they are putting together for the missionaries. I hope it's cool, hahaha.

Wow this week was awesome! We got to work with a health foundation to give free medical care to the community of Biancheri. Me and Hermana Ramirez started out separating clothes. Then they moved us to the Dentist room.........I was scarred for life. They were pulling teeth left and right, ewwwwwww. This poor little kid was sooo brave. They sat him down in a chair and had him put his head back, gave him a numbing shot, then started pulling his tooth out. It was a tough one but they got it and the kids face after was like, "I will Never Eat sugar again" face. Man, luckily we got moved again to another room, well actually a car. This was the teeth cleaning Truck. So there was no blood or crying but some gross teeth. My job was to clean the instruments after the Dentist was done. I just gots to say, Take Care of your TEETH!!!!!!!

We have been working hard to get our investigators to church! And this Sunday we got two to come! Doris and her Grandson! Doris is the wife of Rock Face and he is hidding from us this week but will find him. The wife really wants to be baptized and her family but we got to get Rock Face to agree too. Pray for us!!! Besides them the Family Ramos has been getting more and more excited and we hope to get them to church this Sunday as well as Doris and more of her grandkids.

I finally have some more photos for you!! Ok so I am getting a ride in the back of a truck to church in one, then freaking out about the Band, then the adventure in washing my hair  Picture 1   Picture 2. Don't worry it is not permanent and will wash out in 6 to 12 washes. Hermana Ramirez and me thought it would be cool to try out. So there you go Mom, you have a red headed daughter for a week, hehehe. I think it is pretty cool, haha. On the way to the internet cafe today a lot of people were looking at my fire hair. Fire because in the sun it is more golden. COOOLLLL CHEVERDE!!!! hehe

I love this work and I am happy and super excited for this next Change!!!! I can smell the excitement!! Baptisms, Christmas, Calling you guys!!!! Lots and lots of love.


Hermana Ochs

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