Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thu, Dec 2, 2010 at 8:08 AM

I am sooooo glad to hear from you guys!!! I haven´t heard anything for like two weeks and some days.

So what has happened in these last few days... ok well first we had 5 investigators in church, the familia Jaen! (Doris and her grandkids), awesomeness!!!! Then that night after Church we were shut in doors from the craziness outside! This month is party month for the Panamanians and it is dangerous to go out side for us missionaries. So we hung out in doors cooking Thanksgiving dinner!!!! With Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls and Plantino tentation!!!! hahaha. It was awesome to actually have a Thanksgiving here. Ooo and afterward I played Risk with the Elders. They all were like "we better not lose to a Sister". Hehehehahahah, I was kicking there beheans, hahaha. We didn´t get to finish but I had all of Africa, South America, and was half way through with Europe and North America, hahaha. That was soooo funny.

Well, then we had changes this week and that is why I did not get to write until now! But I am still here with Hermana Ramirez and we are going to spend Christmas with the Chorrera Biancheri people! I am sooooo happy and blessed!

Yesterday we had a Christmas starting off party! It was with All members in the Stake and investigators!!! Our Family Jaen came and were soooo happy. One of the little boys wants to be baptized soo bad and be a missionary like all us!!! I am sooo happy I know this month is going to be good! Love you lots and keep up the good work!

Hermana (not so much red hair now) Ochs!

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