Monday, December 6, 2010

Mon, Dec 6, 2010 at 7:53 AM

So I don´t have your emails yet......wait that might be yours that just came! I will wait for the photos to load and write then check your emails.

Yep so this week was a bit rough in the beginning but it is got better and this week will be soooo much better. Yes Christmas is coming!!!! I love this time of year! We are feeling the excitement in everyones lives! There are always hard things that we have to pass through but in the end of it all we are happy that we did have these experiences!!!! I am growing soooo much and reflecting back on my life I can see just how blessed my life has been and is because of the Atonement and Gospel in my life!!!!

Ooo the other day I held a baby tan linda and preciosa!!! Oooo and we watched the Christmas Devotional! Awesomeness! I loved all the words of the First Presidency. They brought me lots a comfort!!

My president loves us sooooo much and wants us to be the best we can be. I got a call from him the other day just checking on me. I am soo grateful for the priesthood!

Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving! Me and Hermana Rameriz with a Wish Bone, Me posing in front of a yard by our house, us Hermanas in the Kitchen, Playing Risk.

So I will check your mail now.

Yeah, I just got the email!!!

haha ya, I was the Queen of the world but the new Elders that we have in our area are crazy Disney freaks. hahaha. And it is no fair because there minds are still fresh with their Disney trivia!! I am getting rusty, NOooo...... haha, no matter.

Yes I am soooo happy! And wow Grandma and Grandpa thank you sooo much. I love you love you love you!!!!

Keep working hard and loving each other

Hey Mama, Me and Hermana Ramirez bought Christmas lights too and they light up our room at night. Sooo pretty! Hey send pics of the house all decked out!



Hermana Ochs

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