Monday, December 13, 2010

Mon, Dec 13, 2010 at 8:22 AM

Great news!!!! We have A Baptism Date with Doris!!!! For the 25th of Dec!!!!!! It is going to be the best Christmas ever!!!! Doris is the wife of Rock face. So her story, she found us one day contacting. She was like, "Hey, I had missionaries teaching me and we had a baptismal date set and everything before, but my Husband did not approve." Well we have been working with her Husband, Rock Face, her kids, and grandkids!!!! They love the church and all the stuff we teach them, hahaha about the Gospel and Magic tricks. Haha I am learning so many things there. Man I know that God blesses his children with all kinds of talents but I feel like I have had superpowers on the mission. I bet If I want to learn anything I could, but no I will stick to reading las escrituras, speaking EspaƱol, and playing soccer, haha. But yes we have been trying to get Doris to choose her own date and the last visit we had with her she felt the spirit, her Husband and family did not reject her decision and she choose the 25th of Dec!!!!!!!!!!! We are soooooo excited! I dont know if you know but this Ward has had about 4 to 5 months without new members. This is such a Blessing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank Mom and Dad for being the best parents ever!!!! I am sooooo happy that you are happy and growing together! It really is sooooo important to get along with your Companion!!!!! Hermana Ramirez and I are working hard and focusing in what our investigator's needs. The other night we played Chess and she got me but that was my plan all along. I let her think she got me then my Ninja Zelda pawns attacked her kingdom, hahaha. Yes we are having fun too! hehe

Johnny, I am sooooooo excited for you!!!! Congrats on becoming a sherpard of the flock hahaha. Do you have sisters in your district or zone_ I cant do a question mark, but that's a question, haha. But remember to take good care of them sheepies and Always, Always be the Example!!!!!!! You will be a great Leader! Love you!

Ooo some more news of the pass week, we have been in a crazy time of super rain allllll day and night and we have been having some flooding. Well the water plant place could not handle so much water and it broke! Again like in David. So our whole area was without water for 3 to 4 days. Ewww. We only went two days then we asked for the keys to the church so we could shower there with the reserve water. But besides this we kept working and got a Baptismal Date and that helped us forget all about our problems. It is so true that you forget yourself in the service of others!!!!! And you are blessed for it!!!

Keep being happy feliz jolly holy cool cheverde awesome and the best family in the world!!! Ooo yes about the time I can call....I really am not sure right now but it could be in Christmas eve or Christmas I heard. But I would like to call on Christmas night. I would say around 8 or 9 my time. But let me know about you guys too.

Love you lots and lots. Chao,

Hermana Ochs

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